Brrrr! As the temperatures start to drop outside, it can be fun to explore winter-themed learning, such as incorporating winter read alouds into your lesson plans.

Just because we're in the middle of the winter doesn't mean you can't have some fun with the children! It may be too chilly to go outside, but that will not prevent them from having a fantastic time!

Remember, young kids are like sponges, soaking in everything in their surroundings. Even during storytime, their minds are able to process all of the words they hear and the lessons the characters learn.

Reading to kids at any age will enhance their brain development, your connection, and so much more especially in this season. All it takes is a few books, some motivation, and some time.

Continue reading this blog article to learn more about the top benefits of reading to children! I have included my own selections for winter read aloud resources that you may use to keep kids interested and excited about the new year.

From penguins to polar bears, and more… These winter stories for children are perfect for enjoying the cold months of December, January, and February with your pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students.


Every year, when winter arrives, I find myself trying to figure out ways for me as a teacher to reconnect with my young students and discover the light in the midst of the gloom.

Read aloud books are great options for learning, especially in the chilly weather. We can still instill joy and wonder in our kids about the winter scenery.

Download these fun Winter read aloud resources that are ideal for both fun and teaching standards-based topics, whether you're teaching in a classroom or at home. These are my favorite winter read aloud resources to kick off the new year!


Coming back from holiday break is always exciting…the kiddos might not be in the mood for the usual educational learning, but read alouds can be a great way to help your learners to settle down and refocus. 

With our printable lesson plan bundles, you can save time and get straight to the fun part of learning. We have a number of lesson plan sets that are suited for winter themes.

Each set has a variety of winter-themed learning activities, and we've offered versions for homeschool families and classroom teachers so that all activities are tailored to your specific needs.

Let's get started!

Story Elements and Character Traits using OLYMPIG Book Activities

This Winter Sports Theme Read Aloud has all you need to learn reading comprehension in a fun and interactive way!

Students will be motivated, engaged, and eager to learn in interesting and structured reading activities that focus on character qualities, story elements, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and phonics!

Tacky the Penguin Book Companion

Tacky the Penguin Book Companion gives value to these weekly activities: Main Idea and Supporting Details Activity, Penguin Craft, Writing Lessons, Vocabulary, Phonics, Science, and Graphic Organizers.

This is a fantastic literacy bundle that works well in cooperative, whole-group, and small-group situations.

These Polar Bear Read Aloud activities are for early readers which consist of two-week fiction and nonfiction units on polar bears. It also includes ELA and Science activities that are straightforward, challenging, diverse, and enjoyable for your beginning readers.

Polar Bears Nonfiction Shared Reading and Science Unit Primary Grades

With this nonfiction literacy and science unit, students will be interested and learning everything about polar bears! You'll like the clear and straightforward printables, worksheets, differentiated ELA and Science activities, lesson plans, and graphic organizers.

The Emperors Egg Read Aloud Lessons | January Reading Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Young students will apply this nonfiction read-aloud, The Emperor's Egg, to learn everything there is to know about penguins while improving their reading comprehension and making predictions.

These worksheets, shared research tasks, graphic organizers, writing prompts, vocabulary, and narrative comprehension lessons help young readers understand nonfiction text efficiently.

Penguins and Polar Bears | Informational Science Reading and Literacy Activities

Polar Bears and Penguins Reading Informational Science Lessons and Activities teach students about the differences between fiction and nonfiction books, text elements, conducting research, building vocabulary, using graphic organizers, and making polar animal crafts.

Winter is a magical time of year for children, and it's excellent for incorporating all of those special winter activities into their learning!

Nothing beats witnessing the joy on the children's faces of having fun while learning after their holiday break.

I hope you enjoy an OINKTASTIC season and stay warm this winter!

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