St. Patrick's Day Read Aloud Activities

This March springtime holiday leprechaun Read Aloud for St. Patrick's Day is super fun and exciting for primary grade students! Using the book The Night Before St. Patrick's Day, this reading comprehension packet includes STEM activities, vocabulary, comprehension, research, leprechaun crafts, and writing activities

Everything you need to provide rigorous literacy activities students will love!

This Read Aloud BUNDLE Includes:

    • 8 comprehension task cards
    • Research Poster {8 1/2 x 11}
    • Whole Group Online Research Project on St.Patrick's Day
    • Online Research Links for Research
    • STEM Leprechaun Trap Activity
    • STEM Project Take Home Parent Note
    • Phonics Work for -ple and -ble Concept Sort Sheet
    • Common and Proper Nouns Concept Sort Sheet
    • Flip Tab Covers for -ple and -ble with differentiation
    • Flip Tab Covers for Common and Proper Nouns differentiation
    • Story Sequencing Student Sheet (2 per page)
    • 8 Illustrated Vocabulary Word Cards
    • Student Vocabulary Activities and Writing Sheet (4 per page)
    • 5 Question Yes/No Test (Differentiation & Writing Extensions
    • 5 Days of Detailed Lesson Plans for {K - 3rd}
    • 1 Color Graphing Posters with Color Graphing Pieces
    • 1 Black and White Graping Poster with Graphing Pieces
    • 1 Black and White Graphing Poster with Black Graphing Pieces
    • St. Patrick's Day Research Shared Research Activity
    • Author's Purpose for Writing
    • Retelling the story using Time order Words
    • 3-5 Daily Writing Focus Questions depending on grade
    • Differentiated activities for K-3rd grade

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