Why You Should Use Boom Cards

Do you want to try a different approach to your students, or are you new to homeschooling and want to get your kids engaged in the learning process? Then you should check out Boom Cards!

You might be wondering… What sets Boom Learning apart from the other platforms available?

If you’re a teacher who wants to try Boom Cards but finds learning new things online a bit daunting, then this blog is for you. 

Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Boom Cards for the English Language Arts (ELA) Classroom.


Boom Cards is an online platform for teachers that allows for card-based lessons without using a classroom. This tool is totally free but has paid options for higher levels that comprise most subjects and grades. You can get reports on student progress and activity, assign students multiple decks to work on, and create an entire classroom of student logins with the paid version.

Boom cards are perfect for students who want to work independently with technology. This activity is a superb method of engaging children in digital interactive learning while trying to remain paperless since you’re utilizing an online resource. What a terrific way to help the environment as well!


It’s ideal for distance learning and homeschooling since the prime focus is to provide students with a visually exciting environment to practice basic skills like letters and numbers on any device.

Boom Cards' perks include motivating students to learn by providing badges and fun digital rewards for their work and holding students accountable for their independent work.


Most teachers who have been using Boom Cards implied that this is an excellent resource to help teach a sometimes confusing subject for kids. It’s also easy to use in the remote learning setting, and young ones have lots of fun due to the colorful interface and a great approach to practice.

In addition, Boom Cards are fantastic tools for morning work, centers, tutoring, small groups, whole groups, assessments, and exit tickets. It can provide pupils with self-grading activities, making them an excellent way to teach efficiently while spending less time planning and evaluation.

Whether you’re homeschooling or teaching virtually, in-person, or a combination of both, Boom Cards are a low-prep, effective tool to engage your students in any learning environment and can be used at any time throughout the day!


Here at Oink4PIGTALES, we have a variety of Boom Card Bundles available so that your students can have a fun teaching moment. It has a game-like interface that any child would enjoy, and it provides a wholesome experience.

Here are several Boom Learning resources we have:

3rd Grade Reading Skills and Comprehension Digital Boom Cards BUNDLE

The reading comprehension and grammar skills exercise in these 3rd grade digital reading materials with test questions help students build a strong reading foundation and be actively involved.

You'll receive 240 boom cards, which can be assigned utilizing Google Classroom and other media platforms to make learning and practicing reading and language arts skills for students interesting and interactive!

Authors Purpose Task Cards | Digital Author's Purpose Reading Activities

This is a deck of 40 digital and no-prep activities about the author's purpose. It helps students identify the goal of specific fiction and nonfiction reading passages to inform, persuade, or entertain to build reading comprehension and practice identifying the reasons authors write. 

This is beneficial for literacy centers, whole-group teaching, and extra practice for RTI students. These are also excellent grammar and reading assessments.

Context Clues Synonyms and Antonyms Digital Task Cards

These 40 Digital Context Clues Synonyms and Antonyms practice games are for you if you're going to introduce, practice, evaluate, and review synonyms and antonyms.

These engaging self-checking task cards will help students develop and expand their vocabulary. Students must match the two pictures and words on each task card to identify the corresponding synonym or antonym.

Making Inference Passages Digital Boom Task Card Activities 3rd Grade

This is a fantastic way to improve reading comprehension in any subject! These 40 interactive Digital Boom Task Card reading passages will keep your third-grade students participating and help them improve their reading skills by allowing them to make inferences, draw conclusions, and infer.

Identifying Primary and Secondary Sources of Information Digital Boom Cards

These 40 social studies and ELA task cards make it simple to assess who understands information sources properly. Students will read short, interesting, and informative reading passages to evaluate the information's relevance and reliability.

Subject and Predicate Digital Boom Card Activities

Are you looking for no-prep digital activities to help your students practice identifying the subject and predicate in sentences? Students can practice subjects and predicates with these 40 Boom Task Cards, including illustrated tasks with simple sentences.

Multiple Meaning Words Vocabulary Digital Boom Card Activities for 3rd Grade

Understanding multiple-meaning words is essential for your intermediate-grade students to improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary. Students will enjoy these 40 digital no-prep homophone boom cards, which are exciting and fun grammar practice activities.

So that's it. If you're looking for something new to incorporate into your classroom, Boom Cards is one efficient strategy that is beneficial for remote learning and homeschooling.

Truth be told, it's amazing how much the digital age can help children today with their education. They're not only convenient and fun, but they're also fantastic teaching and review resources! 

Let me know if I can answer any questions to help make this process go more smoothly for you. Happy teaching!

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