12 Best Brain Teasers And Logic Puzzles For Kids

Make teaching critical thinking and problem-solving fun with these engaging, hands-on, DIGITAL, and PRINTABLE math logic puzzle activities! This set includes 12 math brain teasers center activities perfect for problem solving and critical thinking. Quick and easy setup plus clear student directions make these activities perfect for centers or substitute days, too!

Give your students fun activities to discover how to problem solve by exploring it on their own using these pig theme math brain teaser tasks. Students will love problem solving as they use critical thinking skills to work through these fun activities and won't even realize how much they're learning!


Set Includes:

  • 12 DIGITAL Pig Theme Logic Puzzle Tasks
  • 12 PRINTABLE Pig Theme Logic Puzzle Tasks
  • Colored Pig Answer Keys
  • Black and White Color Word Answer Keys
  • Task Center Title Page Cover
  • Student Instruction Sheet
  • Student Graphs Can/Have/Are Sheet
  • Teacher CAN/HAVE/ARE Instruction Sheet
  • Tally Results Worksheet
  • Vertical Graphing Worksheet
  • Student Answer Recording Sheets
  • Color and Black and White 8.5 x 11 teacher size pigs
  • Create your own Logic Puzzle Pages for writing new logic puzzles and integrating ELA into your lesson

Your students will love practicing critical thinking skills using these digital and printable manipulatives that are included. They'll be able to problem solve on their own, work with others, and be engaged in mathematical discussions!

Objective: Students will learn through trial and error with these 12 hands on logic puzzles/brain teasers that can take 15 minutes each to solve. This set is challenging but makes a hard skill, this fun having students color and physically move pigs as they race to find which pig wins each of the races.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ HINT:

Keep your student's tasks they've created and use them year after year.

The good and bad.

⭐️This allows students:

  • to find and fix grammar errors
  • insert key details other students left out
  • rewrite the task adding to your set

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