5 End of School Awards for Kids

As we approach the end of the school year, you may be looking for a unique way to send your young students off to their much-anticipated break. Most classrooms are very busy at the end of the school year, and students are both antsy and excited at the same time. 

Here’s a tip that will be memorable for your pre-K to first graders… 

You can adapt a customized student award program that rewards the behaviors and attitudes of your outstanding students as the end of the school year approaches!

Let's get ready to celebrate the end of the year with student awards that are as special as your students. As you read through this article, I'll share some resources for your end-of-school awards party that will make your life easier as your mind fills with last-minute lesson plans.


How can student awards make a difference in the lives of young learners? 
Simple! This will ignite the fire and passion not just in the area of academics but for their overall growth of character. These end-of-year awards are a superb way to recognize your students' strengths, characteristics, and growth. 
At the end of the school year, you can use printable PDF to present your students with various awards and certificates that are suitable for them. Making use of these resources is both creative and budget-friendly. 
Whether you print it for the students to receive a copy of their award for in-person learning or virtually share your screen to present each award so that they can print it at home, both parents and children will be ecstatic.
Here are some of my recommended unique printable resources for your next end-of-school awards party.

Tiger Themed End of the Year Awards and Superlatives

This bundle includes 34 (5 X 7) colorful classroom awards that can be used to recognize all of the hard work that each student has put in throughout the school year, as well as serve as a treasured keepsake for parents and provide a fun end to the school year.
This set of 34 tiger-themed awards is a must-have for classrooms with a tiger theme or school mascots with tigers. These colorful "TIGER"RIFIC and "PAWS"ITIVELY awards can be used for both boys and girls, and each page contains two awards.

End of the Year Classroom Awards Certificates Pig Theme

These 60 colorful and unique 5" X 7" award certificates with bright colors and engaging pig theme graphics are perfect for the classroom or school! This set is ideal for kindergarten and elementary school classrooms.
These awards will undoubtedly be treasured! These awards can be used for both boys and girls and each page contains two awards.

End of the Year Awards | Moose Theme Printable Classroom Certificates

These moose-themed printables include 58 (5 x 7) colorful, unique printable awards that are best suited for awards day, award ceremonies, and keepsake awards for your students to remember!
When you hand out these awards, parents, students, and family members will all remember what a "Moose"tastic year you had with them.

End of the Year Awards EDITABLE Superlative Certificates

These editable multicultural kid awards consist of 60 different end-of-the-year awards for your students. These superlative templates will help you create and personalize your own one-of-a-kind keepsake awards that your students and parents will adore!
This set includes instruction, ideas, and tips for printing and editing awards. Aside from that, there is 1 blue ribbon editable certificate template, 32 multicultural girl editable certificate templates, and 27 multicultural boy editable certificate templates

End of Year Classroom Awards and Superlatives | Alligator Theme

There are awards for every student in these 40 colorful Alligator End of Year Classroom and School Awards!
Students, parents, and grandparents will remember what a "GATOR"RIFIC year you provided them. After using this set, awards day will never be the same!


The end-of-school awards ceremony or party, whatever you call it, will be spectacular for the children whether you do it virtually or in person. Your students will appreciate you acknowledging and celebrating a year of small victories and significant growth. 

This will enable them to boost their self-esteem and recognize their efforts to foster a positive attitude towards learning! This increases their chances of success as they advance through the higher education system and into their future professional life.

As a teacher, I can’t stress enough how relevant student recognition programs are by giving awards at the end of the school year. A great system can give students a sense of fulfillment that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For you and your students, the end of the school year is such a special, yet bittersweet, time. Hopefully, these simple end-of-school awards and party ideas will add to the nostalgia and make the end of the year truly unforgettable!

See you next time in my next blog and may you have an Oinktastic time today!

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