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Tick Tock, Tick Tock… Time flies when you’re having fun. Isn’t it?

Our blog topic today is about teaching kids how to tell time. Most adults do it without even thinking or doing much effort. Knowing the time is so important in everyday life. While digital clocks make it simpler nowadays, children must still learn to read analog clocks.

The whole process is kinda overwhelming at first since the concept is abstract and takes some fundamental instruction before children begin to master this important skill.

But it's one of those abilities that kids are proud to grasp: "I can tell time!".  So if you think it’s time to teach your students about time…  

…brace yourself and let me help you get started!

Keep reading to learn why it's so important to teach kids about telling time and how they can integrate it into their lives. Plus, you'll also get some freebies from me to guide and support your students to develop this skill.


The ability to tell time is a valuable skill that people utilize throughout their lives. People can use the time to get ready in the morning, set a date, schedule meetings, commute, eat meals, and so much more.

When children learn about time, they are developing a foundational skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Here are some fantastic time-telling activities, organized by grade level:

  1. Kindergarten

You may or may not need to teach time concepts in kindergarten, depending on where you live. I believe that knowing how to read a clock face is a necessary skill, and it’s an enjoyable way to practice our numbers!

To teach time for kids in kindergarten, you have to make it fun and attention-grabbing. You can help children to tell time to the nearest hour and time vocabulary words. You can even use picture sorting of the hours of the day, designing a watch, and other creative activities.

  1. First Grade

Encourage students in first grade to be eager to learn more and to take time concepts seriously. During this time, you can incorporate a variety of games and activities to promote mathematical thinking and public participation like students building a clock.

Use fun activities to teach time by the hour and half-hour, such as a clock puzzle, practice worksheets, or a time picture sort.

  1. Second Grade

This grade level becomes even more difficult, but with the proper foundation, students will quickly catch up! We start with a recap and review of first grade concepts, then quickly move on to our second grade standards. 

When ready, students push their knowledge and skills to apply concepts of telling time like to the nearest minute or 5 minutes, quarter past, and quarter to.

Try teaching hands-on games, puzzles, or activities like time word problems that will truly engage your students individually or as a group.


I personally enjoy teaching students the ability to tell time because it is one of the milestones that they look forward to. This FREE resource will help your Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students practice telling time using analog clocks.

Get the FREE Telling Time to the Hour Activity for K-2nd Grade by subscribing to my email list and get a bunch of freebies, promos, and concepts to make it easier for you to do your job as a teacher.

This is perfect for math centers, small groups, tests, and whole group teaching. This set of task cards for telling time is ideal for any student who needs to practice telling time. Students in 3rd and 4th grades must first learn to tell time before they can master elapsed time.

One last piece of advice. Please keep in mind that when teaching the concept of time, it is critical that your students comprehend the concept of time and understand the distinctions between hours, minutes, and seconds.

Extend your patience when you show them how to use both digital and analog clocks to tell the time. In no time, you will finally see the fruits of your labor as they develop this valuable skill.

So there you have it! It’s sincerely a joy to help fellow teachers. Hopefully, this resource will jumpstart your students to master the ability to tell time. 

See you next time and may you have an Oinktastic time today. Carry on!

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