Why Teaching Friendly Letters is Important

How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter! To feel like conveying your thoughts to a person, to sit at your desk and pick up a pen, to put your thoughts into words like this is truly marvelous. -Haruki Murakami
Letters have always been a delightful way of communicating with our loved ones, but as technology evolves, the trend of writing letters is fading. However, writing friendly letters to children to help them learn how to write letters is always a nice idea.
Kid-friendly letters can be a great way to connect with others. Friendly letters for kids can be used as a form of expression in writing, as well as keeping the letter-writing tradition alive.
As teachers, it is our responsibility to help students master this lifelong skill of writing a friendly letter, which is quickly becoming a lost art. Keep reading to learn why it's so important to introduce kids to writing letters at a young age.


Letter writing hasn’t taken an active part in this digital age, but it hasn't completely vanished.
Formal letters, such as those used in college, scholarship application letters, business letters, and even informational letters, are still needed and widely used. Training young kids as early as today will empower them to be excellent writers in the mere future.
Here are a few compelling reasons why we should continue to write letters regardless of the circumstances:
1. Keeping in touch with loved ones
Writing a letter involves thought and undivided attention. It is valuable and conveys to the receiver that they are special to you.
2. Meaning and priceless keepsakes
The spoken word is frequently forgotten and emails or texts can be lost in the numerous messages you receive daily. A handwritten note, on the other hand, has a long life span and can be displayed, saved, and remembered for years.
3. Relationship building with family and friends
Knowing that someone you care about chose to spend a portion of their day composing their thoughts and sharing them with you is a true gift. This will foster genuine friendship and rapport.  Parents enjoy receiving letters from their children, so this will allow for closer family ties.


If you are clueless about writing friendly letters for kids, I have just the right resource for you.

Grab the Friendly Letter Writing Differentiated Templates and Graphic Organizer today!

There are three differentiated letter-writing templates that are perfect if you're just starting to teach the parts of a letter or if you're already writing friendly letters!

Students can use this simple graphic organizer to organize their thoughts and support their plan for writing a friendly letter.

This template, which is organized into clearly labeled progressive boxes, helps students hold themselves accountable for the important components of a friendly letter as they write.

These are some of the reviews from fellow teachers who were extremely satisfied by using this resource:

“My students are learning to write letters. They are having a great time writing kind notes to one another. It has helped my class feel closer together.”

“This was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a friendly letter template for my kids to use. Every year we make a time capsule for the kids to open when they graduate from our school in 6th grade to open. My kids have not had a lot of experience with the correct format for setting up friendly letters, so these helped me to quickly have them complete the assignment while not spending days trying to get them to set up their papers correctly. “

Hopefully, these resources expose your students to friendly letter writing and I’m sure they’re off to a great start.

See you next time in my next blog and may you have an Oinktastic time today. Happy teaching!

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