40 Digital and Printable Primary and Secondary Sources Activities

Finding the right set of learning materials to suit your kid's young and free-spirited soul is difficult but providing them with resources that will spark their interest and eagerness to learn is an easy solution that you can find here. Thanks to these primary and secondary source activities, teachers and parents can quench their hunger for learning when kids are in the mood for some exciting and engaging activities. Check out these 40 digital and printable primary and secondary sources and allow your kids to explore and dive into identifying different sources. Involve them and they will learn through these enjoyable activities!

Are you looking for fun and engaging teaching and practice activities and games for Primary and Secondary Sources of Information? This is a set of 40 DIGITAL and PRINTABLE reading passage task cards, graphic organizers, and posters to help 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students understand and identify Primary and Secondary Sources and be prepared for state tested skills.

You will enjoy using the engaging and kid-friendly primary and secondary sources scripted lesson, illustrated teaching posters, and graphic organizers to teach your students how to identify sources of information. The 40 task cards have short reading passages that integrate literacy and social studies giving your students fun and real-life application to help them learn how to tell if information comes from a primary or secondary source.

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