15 Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids in 2023

Find some enjoyable summertime activities for your children. Here are 15 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities to Keep Young Kids Busy.
Summer's almost over... Don't fret since there's enough time to plan the remaining weeks before school is back for your kiddos.

Whether you work remotely or a stay-at-home parent, you need practical suggestions to keep kids busy this summer while making the most out of it.

You will create some wonderful memories whether you take a look at this list and add it to your summer bucket list or just choose a few of your favorites. The secret is to take it easy and savor the summer with your loved ones.


Find some enjoyable (and perhaps brand-new) summertime activities for your children.

    1. Meet Friends At The Local Playground

Invite your friends over with kids with the same age group, and take the kids to a nearby playground where they can use swing sets, monkey bars, slides, and many more.

The pressure on children to interact with others is lessened when they participate in groups or activities that excite or interest them.

    2. Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk Murals

Get your kids some colorful chalk so they can make some really fun murals and designs. It's great for all ages and has endless play possibilities, in addition to being budget-friendly so gather your box of chalk and take the kids outside for endless hours of fun!

    3. Visit Your Local Lake/ Have A Beach Trip

I promise you one last summer trip to the water may be just what you need before fall. With your kids, it is a fun and affordable way to make memorable moments this summer. Find a nice location, pack a lunch, and have fun in the water!

    4. Remain Active with Bike Rides

Keep your kids busy and entertained in your driveway or neighborhood... on their bikes! Bike-riding is an easy and enjoyable way for kids to get active outdoors. They can even do obstacle courses or play Pokemon Go!

    5. Plant Flowers Or Vegetables

Get young children interested in gardening by growing simple plants or flowers like sunflowers, corn, and pumpkins. Most kids love being outside, digging in the dirt, getting messy, making things, and seeing plants grow!

    6. Go Hiking Outdoors

The first step in hiking with children is to be aware of their limitations while enjoying the natural surroundings. Young children might be able to walk short distance, so be prepared to stop for light snacks, hydration, and exploration while traveling to your destination.

    7. Go To The Movies

Find a movie that will be enjoyable for your family to watch together at your local cinema. Pro-tip is to purchase your tickets online in advance to save you time and effort. Buy some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show.

     8. Fly A Kite

One of the most thrilling experiences a child can have is flying a kite. Your kid deserves to experience the ecstatic, indescribable joy experienced when your kite finally connects with the wind and soars into the sky.

      9. Visit Your Local Library

Take your kids to your neighborhood library the next time they're feeling bored during their summer break. With an endless supply of free books to keep your kids from watching too much television or playing online games, you can get yourself and your kids out of the house.

    10. Experience Backyard Camping

If you're intimidated by venturing out for a camping trip with your kids or just want a fun way to spend a few more hours outside together, why not give backyard camping a try! You can cook outdoors, have a bonfire, sleep on tents and do stargazing.

    11. Check Out The Local County Fair

County fairs have endless options from watching shows to grabbing a meal, trying on fun rides, or even visiting the animal barn. There is something new for everyone to try, especially for children to broaden their horizons beyond typical days.

    12. Feed The Ducks

Take the kids with you to the park, where you can feed the ducks. I'm sure you will have no shortage of entertainment. Make sure to feed the ducks homemade duck feed, whole grains, and vegetables rather than stale, moldy bread.

    13. Take a Nature Walk

The best way to get your kids moving, teach them something new, and engage them in conversation is to take them on a nature walk. This can be done anytime, anywhere, like strolling through your neighborhood and just enjoying the scenery.

    14. Visit a Splash Park

Visit a splash park to enjoy exhilarating attractions and quality time with your kids. You can look for parks that will satisfy their sense of adventure while beating the heat with the splash pads and kiddie pools.

    15. Try Berry Picking

Picking berries is a great summer activity for a weekend family adventure. I'm sure there are places in your area where you can go to pick berries for free or for a small entrance fee, so do some research to find out where you can go.


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So there you have it! With my suggestions, you can help your kids come up with activities if you want to stop them from complaining about being bored in the summer, which is really inevitable.

Raising children evokes a range of emotions, including joy, frustration, pride, and worry (just to name a few).

I'm hoping that you'll be inspired to come up with fun, safe activities that will benefit kids and make daily life enjoyable for them before school starts once again.

So, as you relax and enjoy the remaining weeks, take time to utilize these activities along with your little ones and make the rest of the summer worthwhile.

May you have an OINKTASTIC day and hope you enjoy this blog! See you on the next one. 🐷

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