Innovative Rocks Activities For Kids

Need engaging activities that teach kids all about rocks and minerals? Look no further - this differentiated rock unit includes posters, vocabulary cards, and interactive flip tab science booklets to quickly get your class up and running!
Do rock and mineral activities sound interesting to you? What if these activities are jam-packed with fun, engaging, and easy-to-use resources that teach your child organization, vocabulary improvement, and the ability to further develop their illustration and research skills? You can't say no to these innovative rocks and minerals activities that you'll surprisingly want for your kids who are in 2nd to 4th grade. Allow them to learn something new about this topic and let them nurture their love for earth science. Don't miss the knowledge and excitement and treat them with these activities.
Looking for interactive and hands-on teaching resources to help your students learn about rocks and minerals? This unit provides materials, activities and flip booklets to engage kids and make learning fun!
This DIFFRENTIATED NGSS Rocks and Minerals packet gives 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students interactive, hands-on, and engaging teaching and practice activities that will go with any Rock and Mineral Earth Science curriculum. This rocks and mineral printable packet includes teaching posters, vocabulary cards, web sites, and interactive flip tab science booklets for students to learn about rocks and minerals. These low-prep activities are quick and easy to set-up and perfect for your earth science units!

Students will practice and learn how rocks and minerals are used to meet the basic needs, build vocabulary, and show what they've learned using the choice of two interactive flip books. Students will be able to work independently, in small groups, discussing vocabulary words, and engaged using these simple and engaging NGSS rocks and minerals activities.

Grab the Rocks and Minerals 2nd to 4th Grade NGSS Activities HERE!

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