Fall Bucket List for Kids in 2023

Make this year's fall season unforgettable for your kids with these 10 amazing activities! This bucket list is filled with fun and educational experiences that your little ones will love.
Goodbye summer, hello autumn. 🍂

I love summer and being just out in the sun with my family, but there is something so cozy about the smell of fall and warm sweaters.

I admit, I have a soft spot for fall with all the foliage or the cool, crisp weather that gets you going. Plus, I also love doing fall activities with my young students, too.

Doesn't it seem like time is moving a little more slowly now? Pigarrific news, though! 🐷

I have a bucket list of fun, fall activities for my students and I'd like to share this to parents who want to build memories and enjoy their traditions.

I encourage you to read this blog if you want to help your kids who are in pre-kindergarten up to first grade students to explore the wonders of the fall season and have fun, hands-on learning experiences.


At the beginning of the fall season, are you looking for a quick activity to keep the kids busy or a fun way to spend an afternoon with them?

I'm pretty sure you'll find something to get you started in the list below so take a look at our autumn bucket list.

Let's have some fun! Here's a list of my favorite autumn activities for preschoolers. It is jam-packed with a ton of activities that will make this year's fall season super enjoyable for the little ones.

1. Visit An Orchard

Farms and orchards open their doors to the public this time of the year for enjoyable tours and apple-picking opportunities. Indeed, it's a wonderful place to go outside and breathe in some crisp autumn air.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Get the kids outdoors for a Nature Scavenger Hunt. See how many items they can tick off as they look for leaves, birds, pinecones, spiders, feathers, apples, and more. This fun outdoor activity for kids gets them up close to nature and enjoying the outdoors!

3. Collect Colorful Leaves And Press Them Into An Album

Kids love collecting and pressing colorful leaves. The techniques are simple and easy to follow. Definitely a great way to make memories from a special day!

4. Create Fall Art

Your young ones can color different types of leaves and make it into a wreath, paint a rock, or do a painting activity using acorns. They can even do soap carving or making candles as long as accompanied by an adult. So many fun things to do!

5. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

This is such a typical autumn activity and these farms often have huge pumpkin fields, orchards, corn mazes, and fresh produce. It's a fun afternoon activity that supports nearby farms while allowing you to take in some fresh air and select the ideal pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns.

6. Read Books about Fall

This will get the kids super excited about the change of season and spending time with books will also help your kids to have some educational fun.

A fantastic autumn activity for the kiddos is reading books that feature apples, the changing color of the leaves, and all the other frills of the new season.

7. Make A Fall Playdough Craft

Kids with adult supervision can make homemade playdough with apple pie, pumpkin pie, or maple scents. Kids will love this sensory activity! You can also use store-bought playdough and do an autumn tree or pumpkin design.

8. Go For A Spider Web Hunt

Go on a spider hunt and see if you can find any cobwebs hiding and lurking in your home as a fun indoor activity for kids. After you have dusted them, construct your own spider web from pipe cleaners, tape, and popsicle sticks.

9. Engage With A Fun Cooking Activity

There are a lot of fu and easy recipes to celebrate the start of autumn! Examples are pumpkin spice energy bites, autumn fruit salad, apple muffins, and may more.

You can even involve the kids by making your own apple cider or s'mores on the patio with the rest of the family to keep cozy while having fun.

10. Have Some Outdoor Family Fun

If you're looking for even more fun fall-themed ideas to fill your calendar, you can go outdoors and have all-out, exciting activities for the young ones. Awesome options are bike riding, going for a hayride, or even bird feeding.


The first day of fall usually occurs somewhere around September and it's a great day to get outside and find something fun to do!

The fall season is such a fun time of year for young students! It is filled with wonder and excitement about apples, pumpkins, and leaves! Making it a fun, learning experience with some autumn-themed worksheets will enable them to excel in school tremendously.

You can click the photos and check the following fall resources that I highly recommend!
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Oh dear! You are going to wish that fall lasted longer so you have more time to do all these autumn activities with your kids.

There are enough in this exciting list to keep your kids occupied while enjoying the autumn season just the way they should! Be sure to add those you thought interesting as you plan your autumn activities.

There's a quote from Elizabeth Lawrence that's perfect for the first day of autumn that I want to encourage you.

"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."

May you have a magical and OINKTASTIC autumn season and cherish every moment that comes your way. I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog! See you on the next one. 🐷

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