Stellaluna Bat Activities for Kids

Looking for a fun and educational Halloween activity for your kids? Check out this differentiated Stellaluna bat read-aloud that will teach them how amazing bats truly are!
Kids are born curious and adventurous. That's why letting them explore the living things surrounding them is essential. For example, bats - an on-theme topic considering Halloween is just around the corner.

We presume bats as harmful animals that attack us, but the truth is, if you encounter them flying around where you live, they are probably swooping towards insects or fruits on the trees near you and mean you no harm. They don't attack unless provoked. 

Bats serve a significant role in our ecosystem: do you know that? This fun kid's resource will prove to you how amazing bats are and how these activities will help your child in his studies!
Make Halloween extra special with Stellaluna Bats Read Aloud! This differentiated reading activity includes lesson plans, posters, worksheets, and more to teach sequencing, retelling, and character traits. Get ready for a fun and educational experience!
Are you looking for Stellaluna Bat Activities for Sequencing and Retelling the story, and teaching Character Traits? This is a DIFFERENTIATED Halloween/October Bat Read Aloud for Stellaluna. The Bat reading activities include with this Interactive Read Aloud are lesson plans, bat, posters, vocabulary and comprehension worksheets, graphic organizers, and MORE!

This book companion on bats uses the book Stellaluna to provide you with teaching and practice lessons and activities to build reading comprehension, expand vocabulary, and practice writing using graphic organizers. This Bat Read Aloud is a fun and engaging way to keep your K-3rd grade students learning during the month of October, or ANYTIME!

Grab the Stellaluna Bat Activities and Read Aloud Halloween HERE!

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