Kids Will Surprisingly Love This Monumental Veterans Day Activities

Military veterans are the real deal; they're heroes of the United States and have dedicated their lives to serving and honoring our country. That's why I genuinely think that they deserve all the perks and discounts that come with being a veteran. And speaking of them, have you already forgotten their special day, Veterans Day?

Celebrate this federal holiday with your kids and family and bond over these Veterans day activities and crafts that will teach your young learners the importance of respecting and honoring military veterans. Let them realize how fun and monumental it is to celebrate Veterans Day.
Simple and easy to use Veterans Day Lesson Craft and Activities include a NO PREP soldier craft, nonfiction student booklet, illustrated branches of the military teaching vocabulary cards, and practice worksheets. Kindergarten, first, and second grade students will learn about this November holiday to remember and honor the men and women who keep United States safe and protected.

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