Constitution Day Activities and Crafts for Kids

Constitution Day is a great opportunity to teach kids about the importance of our nation's founding document. Check out this resource for fun and educational activities!
Ponder upon this... As a teacher or a homeschooling parent, you would do anything for your students to live in a safe environment where they are treated fairly.

Also, where young kids can have access to quality education and be given opportunities where they can pursue careers they are passionate about.

If only there were a set of guidelines that would grant all children an equal chance to live happy and fulfilling lives.

That's what our founding fathers gave us all exactly when they crafted the Constitution for our nation. On September 17, which is the anniversary of the Constitution's adoption in 1787, we celebrate this day every year.

Find out why it's essential to let young students understand the Constitution, and I'll share a resource to help bridge the gap on this challenging topic.


The main purpose of Constitution Day is to honor and celebrate both the rights and obligations of U.S. citizenship for both citizens who were born here and those who became citizens through naturalization, as well as the writing and signing of the country's founding document.

It also serves to educate people about the significance of the US Constitution and the freedoms and rights it grants US citizens.

Many Americans fly American flags in observance of Constitution Day. It is also a day to participate in organized community activities to foster a sense of civic pride.

It is a day to raise awareness of environmental and sanitation issues in addition to teaching people about the history and significance of the supreme law of the land.


Let's be serious. It can be challenging to teach children about the Constitution. The Constitution can be a difficult subject to teach because it is such an abstract idea.

How then can we close this gap and ensure that young children fully comprehend the Constitution?

If you struggle to come up with an activity for Constitution Day, then I have the perfect resource for you to utilize for your young students!

Get this Constitution Day Activities and Craftivity resource if you're looking for kid friendly activities for Constitution Day on September 17th.

With the help of this print-and-go Constitution Day craft and writing packet, you can give your K-2nd grade students engaging, simple, and hands-on Constitution Day learning activities while also putting together a bulletin board display for September that will make your school stand out from the crowd!

Using these low prep constitution booklets, an eagle craft and worksheet, and the preamble differentiated writing and drawing activities, you can help your students learn about Constitution Day and the Bald Eagle.

With this interactive eagle craftivity, you and your students will enjoy the writing, coloring, and craft activities that were made to be developmentally suitable for kindergarten up to first-grade students to understand Constitution Day and the significance of the U.S. symbol, the eagle.

As you can see, teaching the Constitution to children can be intimidating. Hopefully, this resource will make it easier for you to tackle this topic with ease. it doesn't have to be complicated at all!

May you have an OINKTASTIC time and hope you make Constitution Day fun and simple for your students! See you on the next blog. 🐷

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