Columbus Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Make Columbus Day memorable with these engaging and developmentally appropriate activities for kids. From crafts to games, we've got you covered!
Are your kids into social studies and history? Do they love to learn and explore more about the rich history of the USA and find it rewarding to know some fun facts and lessons? Well, you're in the right place to learn.

Support them in their educational endeavors with these Columbus Day Crafts and Activities. Filled with explorer crafts and worksheets, this resource is a surefire way to build their creativity and vocabulary! A terrific step in their learning that relates them to Christopher Columbus's adventurous spirit.

Are you needing differentiated, developmentally appropriate, kid-friendly, and engaging activities on Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day?
Celebrate Columbus Day with engaging and developmentally appropriate activities! This packet includes differentiated worksheets, an explorer craft, and more - great for SPED, ESL, and emerging readers.
This October holiday provides you with Columbus Day emergent readers, 18 illustrated vocabulary, 9 differentiated writing worksheets, and Christopher Columbus explorer crafts and song. This low prep packet and no prep craft are perfect for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, SPED, ESL, and emerging readers!

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