Maps and Globes Worksheets for K-2nd

Give your child the gift of adventure with these maps and globes worksheets! Designed for young learners, these cut and glue activities are a fun and engaging way to explore the world.
Being a kid is fun and exciting; that's why their worksheets should be too! Introducing a fan favorite among kids, the colorful and informative maps and globes worksheets.

Throw your worries away when they're at home or school because these fun resources will keep them productive and teach them geographical facts and designs. Sounds exciting, right? Let's make their time valuable and consider other crafts too!
Teach your young students all about maps and globes with these engaging worksheets! Covering cardinal directions, landforms, bodies of water, and more, this unit is perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade.
This Maps and Globes, Cardinal Directions, Landforms, and Bodies of Water geography unit for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students teaches map skills in fun and engaging ways! Students will learn about landforms, oceans, relative directions, maps, globes, map keys and symbols, compass rose, how to use a Venn Diagram, 24 geography words, and design their own maps.

Simple easy-to-use cut and glue worksheets, word wall cards, and supplemental activities designed for beginning primary grade students!

Students will practice, create, design, and learn all about maps, map skills, relative locations, cardinal directions, and build geography vocabulary using these low prep printable worksheets and illustrated word wall vocabulary words.

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