Seize This December Kids' Surprise: Awesome Winter Read Aloud

One evening, you and your kids were having a good night's sleep, and bam! You wake up, and it's already December. That's how fast the days pass by, and without you even noticing, your kids will be sent off from school back to the house for a family holiday and spend the winter season. Looking for a tool to help make them focused and enthusiastic?

This Tacky The Penguin Winter Read Aloud is the perfect resource and tool to help young learners spend most of their time in educational pursuits. Seize this December kids' surprise activity and practice valuable ELA lessons and skills.
This penguin book companion for Tacky The Penguin gives you teaching and practice lessons for: Character Traits, Main Idea and Supporting Details Activity, Penguin Craft, Writing Lessons, Vocabulary, Phonics, Science, and Graphic Organizers. These differentiated weeklong literacy lessons are great to use with your kindergarten and first grade, whole group and small group reading groups.

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