5 Christmas Classroom Activities for Kids

Don't let the chaos of December get in the way of classroom fun. These December classroom activities will keep your young students in the holiday spirit.
Ready the carols: the holiday season is quickly approaching. We're all getting ready for an exciting holiday season that offers us more time with our friends and family as the countdown to Christmas has begun.

We all know how crazy the month of December can be, so I've put together a roundup of December classroom worksheet activities and resources to use with your pre-K to first grade students!

You've come to the correct place if you're seeking ideas to keep your young students entertained throughout the holidays.


December is one of my favorite months to teach young students. With Christmas right around the corner, there are endless opportunities for active learning in this cold weather.

With that in mind, here's my list of the 5 activities for the holiday season. I'm so excited to share this list with you today. Try these December resources to make the most of the season!

Promote Reading With Winter Read Alouds

As a teacher, I always find myself attempting to come up with ideas how I can reestablish my relationships with my young pupils whatever season it may be.

Read aloud books are excellent learning tools. Despite the cold season, we can still spark the children's curiosity and delight with the stories they read because their imaginations are limitless.

Students will identify characters, setting, sequence significant events, problems, and solutions with these December guided reading lessons and worksheets.
Looking for engaging reading activities for the holiday season? This bundle includes guided reading lessons, graphic organizers, and worksheets that will help your students describe characters, setting, sequence major events, and identify problems and solutions.

Be Engaged with Winter-Themed Arts and Crafts

Put your game faces on and encourage your students to do some arts and crafts! Get set, get ready, go ho ho ho!

These print and go Fall and Winter crafts for seasonal and holiday art projects and bulletin boards help build listening skills, fine motor skills, and following direction activities. This bundle includes glyphs/crafts for scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns, gingerbread people, and snowmen perfect for holiday craft projects!
Get ready for the holiday season with this Fall and Winter SEASONAL GLYPHS Bundle! Perfect for PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade students, these easy-to-print crafts are great for seasonal art projects and bulletin boards.

Utilize These Educational Worksheets to Develop Writing Skills

Most young learners are naturally enthusiastic and energized! The challenge is to channel that energy into meaningful learning activities. Write the room and picture-based writing prompts can engage them into building their writing skills.

Write the Room is good for building student vocabulary as the students record the words on the paper they are actively working on forming letters, capitalization, and spacing. Meanwhile, writing prompts provide children the creative freedom to craft their own story while reducing the pressure of not knowing where to begin.
Looking for fun and engaging writing activities for your December centers? This Write the Room set has got you covered! With 24 seasonal word wall cards and 8 differentiated worksheets, your students will love learning about winter and Christmas.Looking for winter writing activities for your young learners? This differentiated packet features Christmas and winter-themed words to help build vocabulary and writing skills for PreK, Kindergarten, and First grade students.
Make your December writing lessons easy with this all-in-one pack! Your students will love writing letters to Santa, reindeer, and other Christmas characters with these fun picture prompts.

Design The Classroom With Decors

Know what's a fun way to make your students feel a part of the holiday spirit? You can get your students involved with creating something that's both educational and artistic.

Decorate your classroom by using the desk plates and word wall cards for December and Christmas. It will brighten up December by bringing color, cheer, and celebration into your classrooms and hallways!
Looking for a fun and festive way to decorate your classroom for the holidays? Check out these editable Gingerbread desk plates and word wall cards!Short on desk or bulletin board space? These snowman name plates are the perfect solution! With six different winter and holiday themes, you can add some fun and festive flair to your classroom without taking up too much room.

More December-Themed Activities

These Christmas-themed printable worksheets and digital task cards for your young students will keep them busy! This will add excitement and keep students learning about math, grammar, and speech skills.

If you're seeking worksheets with a Christmas theme to suit all of your needs throughout the month of December, check out these activities!
Get your students in the holiday spirit with these fun and engaging Christmas math games and puzzles! Perfect for second and third graders, these digital and printable activities will challenge their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.Keep your kindergarten students engaged and learning with these differentiated morning work worksheets for December. With counting, tracing, coloring, and writing tasks, they'll be able to work independently and start their day off right!
Looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate the holidays in your classroom? These Christmas and winter nouns and verbs task cards are just what you need! Available in multiple formats for your convenience.


You might be looking for suggestions on how you might encourage your kids to partake in the holiday spirit.

First, you can highlight doing good deeds. This may teach your students that the holidays are about more than just presents and Santa Claus.

It all boils down to having gratitude for the months that have already passed as well as understanding the importance of kindness and helping others.

Spending time with family and close friends will also help in your kid's understanding of the significance of the holiday season. You can aid in showing your students the value of expressing care for the people who live in their houses.

Lastly, you can get your students to learn about holiday traditions around the world or encourage them to start new ones with the class or with their families. This will build a sense of unity and happy memories that they will look back on fondly.

If you're a teacher or a homeschooling parent, I am aware of how crazy this time of the year might feel. But both you and the kids will be happier if you enjoy the holiday, look for the good things, and keep them busy with enjoyable activities.

We get to learn about a ton of interesting things over the school year, and it feels wonderful to see how far we've gone. As the current year is almost over, keep enjoying learning!

As always, my promise to you is to keep learning fun and exciting so I hope my recommended resources above will be of good use to you!

Have a PIGARRIFIC time savoring every moment with your loved ones this season! See you on the next blog. 🐷

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