Write The Room Christmas Activities For Kids

Get your little ones excited about writing with this Christmas-themed writing packet! Featuring 59 words, this resource is perfect for building vocabulary and word knowledge.
Christmas is a time of having enjoyable moments with kids and families. It is also a time when students can learn the act of giving and spending precious moments with their classmates before the long holidays.

These write the room Christmas activities are perfect for young students to practice writing skills and word knowledge. Kinder to first-grade students can use these resources to help build their vocabulary and identify Christmas-related resources.
Looking for winter writing activities for your young learners? This differentiated packet includes 59 Christmas and Winter themed words to help build vocabulary and writing skills.
This differentiated Christmas and Winter themed writing packet features 59 words to help build vocabulary, writing, and word knowledge. Perfect for PreK, kindergarten, and first grade students for December Winter Writing Activities.

Benefits of Write the Room:
  • Children learn how to locate resources in the classroom and how to use them for help.
  • Children will learn to match pictures and write words.
  • Children will be able to identify resources associated with Christmas.
  • Children will gain an understanding of traditions and history associated with December winter holiday.
  • Build vocabulary associated with Winter and Christmas traditions.


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