5 Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

Looking for Valentine's Day activities that are both fun and educational? Check out these five heart-filled ideas for pre-K to 4th-grade students.


Chocolates, heart-shaped decorations, and lots of beautiful roses... A lot of people are head over heels for Valentine's Day. 💕 Yes, it's that time of the year! Aside from the romantic aspects of this cherished day like in Hallmark movies, students can learn some valuable lessons from this February holiday focused on love. Let 2023 be the year you redefine this holiday by focusing on heartwarming morals and values like empathy, kindness, or generosity.

Valentine's Day is a day is a day of expressing love to everyone, not just romantic interests. Activities that encourage love and friendship can be turned into fun Valentine's Day-themed lessons and activities your students will love! 

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite Valentine's Day lessons and activities that are some of my favorite February go-to activities that have a Valentine's Day theme. Your preschool, Pre-K, kindergarten, 1st and 2nds grade students will love using these Valentine's Day activities  to make the month of February a total blast!

February Read Aloud Activities for Valentine's Day

February Valentine's Day Reading Activities

Simplify your planning time using these Four Weeks of  already prepared and differentiated lessons plans, Valentine's Day crafts, and activities By adding these engaging Valentine' Day Read Aloud to your February lessons plans you will be ready-to-go! This read aloud bundle cover reading, grammar, writing, science, phonics lessons and includes craft, grammar games, writing activities, worksheets, and more that are all standards-based aligned activities.

This Winter Valentine-themed Reading Bundle includes four Read Aloud units complete with EVERYTHING you need. The Books you will need to go along with this differentiated Valentines day Bundle are: Tacky the Penguin, The Snowy Day, Froggy's First Kiss, and The Night Before Valentine's Day.

Every year I have my students vote on which one of these winter Valentine's Day books are their favorite. Every year since I have been teaching using Read Alouds (6+years) Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester ALWAYS wins! My kindergarten students fall in love with Tacky year after year! Mee too!

Valentine's Day Grammar Games 

February is the perfect time to utilize your learning centers. The winter weather keeps us inside and I find my students quickly become bored. I've discovered that making games and letting them play in whole and small groups it really increases their engagement. I've turn my February centers into fun Valentine Theme activities that can be used to reinforce skills, introduce new skills, or give students practice mastering skills.

These Valentine's Day themed task cards provide are perfect for students to learn to recognize nouns and verbs. The bright colorful visuals give struggling readers clues too. I will have my students bring in magazines to use in my ELA, grammar, and writing centers too. Students can cut out pictures of Valentine and Winter theme products, games, and activities.

Once they have cut out pictures (sometimes we do this for a week) they can then begin sorting the pictures by nouns and verbs, I will then have them glue the pictures on paper or posters under what part of speech it is. For differentiation, I have kids make common nouns into proper nouns.  It really doesn't matter how you do your February learning centers as long as they align to the standards you are teaching and your students are actively engaged.

I have some ready to enjoyable and stimulating parts of speech activities and centers I think your students may like. These are great to use as independent ELA center activities, whole group Scoot learning activities, RTI, small groups, and even during recess during the month of February.
My students love using the Digital Boom Cards during the month of February. These Valentine theme Boom cards are interactive, self checking, and keep my students engaged! Plus these 90 Boom Grammar activities are no prep, grade themselves, and can be used for at home learning, for assessing students, and having on hand for those unexpected sick days too! This Valentine's Day theme Grammar Bundle covers common and proper nouns, spelling singular and plural nouns and verbs with inflected endings. This bundle will make learning all about nouns and verbs exciting and engaging!

Valentine's Day Math Activities 

Have you tried using math Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles to challenge your second and third grade students? These Valentine Theme math activities and puzzles will encourage higher-level thinking skills, problem-solving, and challenge even your GATE students. These Digital and Printable Valentine Day theme math activities will be a hit in your second and third grade classroom!

Your students can use the printable  and digital manipulatives included with this Valentine Day math game set to solve the brain teasers and logic puzzles. They will have so much fun they will never even realize how much  they are learning. Venny Valentine and Love Bug will become famous in your classroom once your students start using these Valentine's Day math activities this February!

Valentine's Day Cards

You will go "HOG WILd" over these printable Pig Theme Valentine Cards! I love these not just because of the pigs (lol) but because I have them on hand for students that forget to bring theirs to class. I've also used these with one of my GRANDS when she ran out of cards. This Pig Them Valentine's Day set includes 42 Pig Theme "CuPIG" and Valene "SWINE" cards that everyone will love. These printable Valentine cards are colorful, cute, and ideal for PIG LOVERS to give to students, friends, coworkers, classmates, and secret admirers!

Other Valentine's Day Learning Activities

If you are looking for other learning activities to help your students during the month of February? My students LOVE using sentence scramble worksheets to practice and review sight words! This February sight word printable packet focuses on Valentine's Day using to give students simple and easy to use activities to read, write, and build sentences with sight words.

The more your students use sentence scrambles for sight word practice you will see their confidence to up and reading fluency improve. Try this February Valentine Day Sight Word Sentence Scramble packet and watch your students as they learn to read high frequency words, sight words, and learn how to write sentences to build confidence in reading and writing.

For Preschool PreK, and Kindergarten I love using Trace and Write the Room Activities. These Valentine February Theme Tracing and Writing Worksheets can help your students build vocabulary, work cooperatively with other, and practice writing. Your kiddos will lobe getting to move around the classroom matching pictures. Depending on their ability they will get to choose one of the three differentiated worksheets to either trace write or Valentine and February words, or write sentences using the Write the Room Word Wall Cards. 

Love comes in many shapes and sizes. It is a complex subject that even grownups find challenging to comprehend. However, there are a few concepts regarding love on which most people may agree. These concepts allow us the chance to teach kids insightful lessons.

First, you can teach children that only true acts of kindness and friendship can be connected with loving relationships. If you can let them learn about the essence of being kind, they will grow to be more thoughtful and empathetic. 

It's also vital to assist the children in starting to grasp the idea of empathy. We would all make better choices if we tried to picture what it would be like to walk through life's ups and downs from someone else's perspective. Also, if you want your students to understand the boundless love that parents have for their kids, you can use the month of Valentine's Day to demonstrate this in a fun way. 

Lastly, remind your students that not all presents are wrapped; some come in the form of messages of love shown via acts of kindness or encouraging words. As teachers, it's relevant to touch on the meaning behind giving one another gifts and the significance of telling those that they are loved and valued.

I hope you will remember these tried, tested, and loved Valentine Day activities and be able to use some of the ideas and activities and incorporate them to help you create a February filled with fun standards-based Valentine's Day activities with your students in school!

May you have an OINKTASTIC Valentine's Day as you spread the love around you! 💖 See you on the next blog. 🐷

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