Four Seasons Flip Books and Posters for Kids

Seasons of the Year Kindergarten Science Lessons and Activities

Teaching your students about the Four Seasons of the Year is always such a fun and exciting time! There are so many books and activities for kids to learn from to keep them excited about learning about winter, spring, summer, and fall. Thee spectacular four seasons of the year flip books and posters are perfect for kindergarten and first grade students. Preschool and Pre-K students can begin learning about each of the four seasons of the year doing simple activities at home too! Winter, spring, winter, summer, and fall (autumn) all bring new and exciting activities, games, food, and learning opportunities to teach your students and kids fun facts about each season.
Make learning about the four seasons fun and interactive with this flip book and poster set! Perfect for any science curriculum, your students will love exploring winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The Four Seasons Interactive Activities

Your kindergarten students will love making interactive flip-books to learn about the four seasons. This Seasons of the Year science packet includes posters showing students what each of the four seasons look like, fun activities they can do in each season, and show how to dress. This science resources covers winter, spring, summer, and fall and makes the perfect addition to your seasons of the year units.

EVERYTHING you need to teach kindergarten and 1st grade students about Weather and Four Seasons is included in this DIGITAL and PRINTABLE Seasons of the Year science activities pack. Students will use worksheets, flip books, task cards, and posters to learn about Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall using these interactive, fun, and engaging science lessons.

4 Seasons Digital and Printable Activities 

Would your students like using science center games, digital Boom Cards, and printable task card activities to learn about winter, spring, summer, and fall? These Digital Seasons of the Year Boom Cards and printable task card activities can be played in whole group science lessons, small groups,  science centers, or at home at night for extra practice and review. Anytime we turn learning into game-like activities our kids really get engaged and retain the information better.

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