Community Helpers Activities for Kids

Looking for ways to teach your kids about community leaders and authority figures? These digital and printable activities are perfect for you!
Kids are naturally curious about many aspects of life, including certain figures that they encounter every day at home, school, and in the community. Young children often ask their parents or guardians about what a doctor does, what a job firefighter does, how to become a teacher, and many more. And it's important to answer these questions so that, at a young age, they get a proper understanding of a community helper or authority figure. Hop on these activities if you want your young students to know their job and their contribution to society.
Help your kindergarten and 1st graders learn about community leaders and authority figures with these 40 interactive task cards. Available in both digital and printable formats, these activities are perfect for supplementing any social studies curriculum.
Are you looking for fun and interactive citizenship activities for your kindergarten and 1st graders to learn about Community Helpers Authority Figures at home, school, and in the community? This is a set of 40 DIGITAL and PRINTABLE EASEL and Boom Cards to give students easy-to-use task card activities to learn about the rights and responsibilities of community helpers and authority figures at home, school, and in their community. Great supplemental practice activities that can be used with ANY social studies curriculum!

You will guide your students to discover how to be good citizens by following the rules and laws at home, school, and in their community and learn the roles community helpers and authority figures have in keeping them safe using these NO PREP, self-checking, paperless, and interactive DIGITAL EASEL Ready Task Cards and Boom Cards in whole and small group activities.


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