6 Earth Day Activities For Kids

Looking for fun and educational Earth Day activities for pre-K to 2nd graders? Check out these 6 hands-on ideas to promote environmental awareness.
As Earth Day approaches, teaching our young children the value of environmental preservation and sustainability is extremely important.🌎 We can help children grow up to be responsible, caring global citizens by establishing these principles in them at a young age.

In this blog, we'll look at some fun and informative Earth Day activities you can do with your pre-K to second-graders to raise environmental awareness. There are many interesting activities that will help your pupils be aware of the value of environmentally friendly practices, from Earth Day reading comprehension to environmental scavenger hunts.

Get your kids involved in hands-on activities that connect them with the natural world and help them understand the power of individual actions. Let's get started by looking at some engaging Earth Day activities that your students will enjoy!

How To Do Earth Day This 2023

Are you ready to make a positive impact on our planet? April is Earth Month, and it's the perfect time to take action and celebrate our beautiful planet. On April 22nd, people around the world come together to advance sustainability and climate action in honor of Earth Day.

But why stop there? You can create a movement that's impossible to ignore and promote a sustainable and equitable future for our planet.

Did you know that for this year's Earth Day, one of the campaigns is about climate and environmental literacy? Raising awareness among your young students, according to earthday.org, about these issues can help institutions tackle the climate crisis in a meaningful way.

That's why our Climate and Environmental Literacy Campaign is so important. By providing students all over the world with high-quality education on these topics, we're setting them up to become informed and engaged environmental stewards. And who knows, maybe some of these students will even become the next generation of environmental leaders!

So let's get excited about Earth Day and the impact we can make when we prioritize climate and environmental literacy. Together, we can build a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Here's a blog to help you discover the rest of the campaign for Earth Day 2023 and grab a copy of the Earth Day Action Toolkit if you want to be proactive and incorporate it in the classroom.

Earth Day Engaging And Kid-Friendly Activities

Earth Day is coming up, and it's the perfect time to teach young kids about the importance of taking care of our planet. There are various ways we can all contribute to protecting the environment, including recycling, energy conservation, and simply appreciating the natural world around us. And by instilling these principles in our young children at a young age, we are preparing them to grow up to be responsible, planet-friendly citizens of the world.

So why not spend some time this Earth Day discussing the value of environmental conservation with your children? Here are 6 fun and educational activities you can do with your pre-K to 2nd grade students to promote environmental awareness:

Earth Day Reading Comprehension Activity

Get your little ones excited about Earth Day with these fun and educational writing, science, and reading activities based on the popular picture book Michael Recycle. Build their comprehension skills and learn valuable lessons on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle!
Earth Day reading comprehension is all about helping young students understand the importance of taking care of our planet and the ways in which we can all contribute to making a positive impact on the environment.

It can help students develop important skills like vocabulary building, critical thinking, and improved reading skills while also fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet.

Using the picture book, Michael Recycle, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students will learn about Earth Day, recycling, reusing, and caring for planet Earth. These Earth Day lessons are simple and engaging writing, science, and reading activities to build reading comprehension, learn science vocabulary, and learn to write to inform.

Planet Earth Sort, Cut, and Glue Worksheets

Teach your kindergartners and first graders the essential skills of sorting and categorizing with these fun Earth Day picture sort worksheets! Students will learn what can be recycled, reused, and reduced as they complete 19 unique cut-and-paste activities that are perfect for homework or extra practice.
These no-prep picture sort worksheets provide engaging visuals that will help your students practice identifying objects that can be recycled, reused, or reduced. Plus, they're quick and easy to use - simply print them out and guide your students as they cut and paste the objects into the correct category.

With these worksheets, your students will develop a better understanding of the materials that can be recycled, reduced, and reused. They'll learn about familiar objects made of materials like glass, paper, plastic, rubber, wood, rock, and fabric.

Earth Day Science Activities Flip Books and Games

Celebrating Earth Day with kids? This resource has everything you need: science games, Boom cards, and more to teach kids about the environment in a fun way!
This Earth Day packet is jam-packed with interactive flipbooks, games, and printable worksheets that will keep your students engaged and learning. With interactive Boom Cards, fun songs, and engaging games, your students will have a blast learning about how to care for the Earth. They'll also get to practice tracing, coloring, cutting, gluing, and writing words and sentences, all while building their vocabulary.

They'll get to discuss important vocabulary words, explore ways to take care of our planet and learn about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Plus, they'll discover how to stop doing things that are harmful to our planet.

Caring For The Earth Boom Cards

Make Earth Day learning fun with these digital science activities that teach students about actions that are good and bad for the environment. Reduce, reuse, and recycle resources while identifying harmful pollutants with this set of NO PREP Boom Task cards! Perfect for science centers, whole group lessons, small groups, and online learning.
These amazing no-prep digital Earth Day good or bad for the Earth science resource activities will help students discover important strategies for reducing, reusing, and recycling resources. Your students will love learning about the actions that can harm or help the environment, and they'll also learn to identify harmful pollutants that can cause damage to the environment.

These Earth Day Boom task cards are perfect for science centers, whole-group science lessons, small groups, or online learning. Best of all, they're paperless and self-grading, making them a convenient and hassle-free addition to your classroom.

Earth Day Pledge Writing Activity

One great idea is to have them make a pledge to do their part in reducing waste and conserving resources. It can be as simple as having them to commit to using reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic ones or turning off the lights when they leave a room to conserve energy.

Encourage them to think of other small changes they can make in their daily lives to help the environment. By making a pledge and applying these small changes, your students can feel empowered and excited about making a positive impact on the planet.

It's a great way to foster a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship, while also creating a fun and engaging classroom activity.

Earth Day Outdoor Nature Walk

Appreciate the natural beauty of the world and show your pre-K to 2nd-grade students the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship by taking them on a nature walk. It's a great way to get your students outside and engaged with the environment, while also teaching them to use their senses to observe the natural world - the colors of the leaves, the sounds of the birds, and the textures of the rocks and soil.

Not only is it a fun and engaging activity, but it's also a great way to promote physical activity and outdoor exploration. Your students will love getting out of the classroom and into the fresh air, and they'll learn valuable lessons about the importance of protecting the environment along the way.

Celebrate A Meaningful Earth Day

Remember, every little bit counts when it comes to taking care of our planet. So let's all do our part and make Earth Day a meaningful celebration of environmental awareness!

With these engaging and educational Earth Day activities, you can inspire your young pupils to grow up to be caring, responsible citizens. Along with being entertaining and educational, these activities support environmental education among students in pre-K through second grade. 💖

Let's observe Earth Day and encourage the next generation to preserve and care for the environment. I do hope my recommended Earth Day resources above will be of good use to you!

Have a PIGARRIFIC time and Happy Earth Day! See you on the next blog. 🐷

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