4 Fun and Kid-Friendly Martin Luther King Jr. Day Activities For January

4 Fun and Kid-Friendly Martin Luther King Jr. Day Activities For January

In the world of early education, how can kids embrace Martin Luther King Day as it is approaching?

To honor the life and legacy of the civil rights icon, teachers in pre-K through second grade can incorporate these activities in the classroom. Celebrating this day is an incredible opportunity to instill principles such as justice, equality, and compassion in the minds and hearts of our young students, laying the foundation for a future marked by respect and inclusivity.

Educators utilize innovative and age- appropriate techniques to teach students the importance of the contributions made by Martin Luther King Jr. during these early years. Young students learn about fairness and kindness through meaningful discussions, inspiring stories, and engaging activities. This creates an atmosphere where diversity is not only accepted but celebrated.

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. will help you cultivate compassion and unity, two things that are essential for shaping young minds. The dream Dr. King envisioned becomes a reality in the classroom, where young minds learn the value of harmony and sow the seeds that could one day blossom into a society with greater equality. 

Come along on this journey to discover the story of this remarkable leader who cherished equality, love, and the hope of a better future for everyone. 


Discover the amazing journey of the civil rights hero, Martin Luther King Jr. Through his inspirational speeches and peaceful protests, he envisioned a society in which justice and kindness are extended to all. Learn how his courageous deeds and powerful words opened the door for change, improving the quality of life for everyone in our world.

For these three main reasons, Martin Luther King Jr. is regarded as a civil rights hero and an impressive figure in history. 

1. Hoping For Equality 

In his dream, he believed that everyone, regardless of skin color, should be treated with kindness and justice. Like superheroes, he fought for a world in which everyone could be friends.

2. Spreading Love With Words

He spoke out against unfair rules with powerful words rather than with his fists. He told the world that it's essential to be kind and treat everyone with love, like real heroes do, because he wanted everyone to be friends.

3. Marching For Change

Martin Luther King Jr. organized peaceful protests to demonstrate that people are able to work together to create a better society. He gathered people together to make our world a fair and pleasant place for everyone. Thus, his genuine care for people and the mindset to set things right was admired by many.

Being a historical human rights hero, Dr. King's legacy serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that one person's commitment to justice can ignite a flame of change that echoes through generations.


Explore the four main reasons for the celebration of Martin Luther King Day, an inspirational tribute to a man who envisioned a society filled with equality and kindness. You can focus on the significance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s contributions in the classroom, honoring not only a historical figure but also the fundamental values that guide our ongoing quest for a more equitable and brighter future.

1. Honoring a Civil Rights Champion

In honor of Dr. King's life and legacy, Martin Luther King Day provides people and communities a chance to reflect on his significant contribution to the American civil rights movement. Thankfully, you can celebrate this day to honor his steadfast commitment to justice and equality for all.

2. Promoting Equality and Inclusion

Dr. King's vision of an inclusive and peaceful society is being promoted with this day. Societies can work to encourage tolerance, acceptance, and respect among people from various backgrounds by taking part in events that highlight the value of diversity and unity.

3. Rise Of Educational Opportunities

Classrooms have the opportunity to look into the historical background of the civil rights campaign on Martin Luther King Day. Students develop a deeper awareness of the ongoing struggle for justice by learning about the challenges and victories of the past through classes, discussions, and particular activities. 

4. The Power Of Community Service

On this day, many people take up acts of kindness and community service as a call to action. People can contribute to the spirit of service that Martin Luther King Jr. promoted by engaging activities that address social issues, which turns the day into a platform for fruitful change and improvement of society as a whole.


Teachers, you can create an unforgettable celebration in the classroom and a memorable learning experience with Martin Luther King Day!

Let these activities not only celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. but also instill in your students the enduring principles of his legacy. Here are engaging and educational activities to ignite the enthusiasm of your young pupils:

1. Create A Dream Collage For Kids

Encourage students to make colorful collages that express their hopes and dreams for a better world. Provide them art supplies, magazines, and colored paper to encourage creativity as they display their goals through artwork.  

Further develop on this idea by leading a sharing session in which students discuss the meaning behind their collages and encourage open discussion about the various aspirations that go into creating a peaceful community.

2. Storytime about Martin Luther King Jr.

Explore the world of literature by reading kid-friendly stories that celebrate the life and principles of Martin Luther King Jr. Have thoughtful conversations afterward to help young minds understand the value of kindness and equality. 

Think about including exercises such as "Character Reflection," in which students talk about how they can live their lives embodying the virtues represented by Dr. King.

3. Craft Unity Bracelets Together

Students can create bracelets that represent diversity by using colors that represent unity. Through this interactive exercise, children are further encouraged to understand that, like the beads on their bracelets, they are all unique pieces of our precious human fabric. 

Continue the conversation by talking about the value of working together in achieving shared objectives and the strength that lies in diversity.

4. Answering Worksheets About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Are you searching for age-appropriate activities to teach primary grade students about the life of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in January? These MLK Day activities, crafts, worksheets, and writing exercises are not only engaging for students but also require minimal preparation for busy teachers! 

This resource encompasses everything you need for your Famous Americans and Black History Month Units, providing comprehensive MLK Day activities. You'll effortlessly guide your students through crafting a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. project, utilizing color and writing worksheets, and creating an emergent reader booklet to delve into the inspiring life of this civil rights leader.

What educators are saying:

  • Love the resources and it lines perfectly with the Abeka program. Gives the students the extra practice they need everyday. Can be used in class and online. 

— Emily G. (Rated 5 out of 5)

  • My students enjoyed learning about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The information was easy for them to understand, and they enjoyed the activities.

— Verletta F.  (Rated 5 out of 5)

As you begin these events in January, may you remember the past while also planting seeds for a future in which the ideals of kindness and equality will endure. I hope that these endeavors serve as a reminder that the ability to change the world can reside in even the tiniest of hands.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I hope everyone has an OINKTASTIC celebration! 🐷

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