National Pig Day Literacy Math and Crafts

These pig theme reading, math, and science activities are simple and easy to use in teaching and practicing lessons, crafts, and worksheets for National Pig Day on March 1st!

This pig bundle includes reading comprehension, writing, 2D shapes, addition and subtraction, crafts, vocabulary, graphic organizers, and more to add fun and excitement to National Pig.

Quick and easy to set up, plus clear student directions make these activities perfect for centers or substitute days, too!

This National Pig Day Literacy, Science, Math, Crafts, and More Bundle includes EVERYTHING you need and is ready to give your Preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students a fun educational learning week in March!

National Pig Day Reading, Math, Science, and More Bundle Includes:

Jessica Finch In Pig Trouble Read Aloud

  • Five Days of Detailed Lesson Plans for K-1st Grade
  • 8 Illustrated Vocabulary Cards
  • 24 Comprehension Question Cards (4 per page)
  • Writing About One Single Story Event Using Time Order Words
  • Two Cut and Paste Writing Focus Questions (8 per page)
  • How to Use Flip Tab Covers
  • Five Flip Tab Cover Writing Focus Questions (2 per page)
  • Sample Writing About One Single Event
  • Three Step Graphic Organizer Sheet
  • Five Step Graphic Organizer Sheet
  • Three Facts Graphic Organizer
  • Five Facts Graphic Organizer
  • Teacher Key for Stort Theme Graphic Organizer Sheet
  • Student Story Theme Graphic Organizer Sheet
  • Student ELA Journal Vocabulary Card (4 per page)
  • Graphing Information and Ideas
  • Colored Yes or No Graphing Questions (8.5 x 11)
  • Colored Student Graphing Pieces
  • Black and White Yes or No Graphing Question
  • Black and White Student Graphing Pieces
  • Smiles Colored Poster (8.5 x 11)
  • Table of Contents TEST (2 per page)
  • Vocabulary and Writing Differentiation
  • Answer Key for TEST

National Pig Day Activities Include:
  • All ABout Pigs Teacher Fact Page
  • Pig Tracing Worksheets
  • All About Pig Write Three Sentence Worksheet
  • Pig Labeling Worksheet
  • Pig Can/Have/Are Graphic Organizer
  • Pig Writing Worksheets
  • All About National Pig Day Teacher Fact Page
  • 2 National Pig Day Coloring Sheets
  • 3 National Pig Day Tracing Worksheets
  • Color and Black & White Bookmarks
  • 3 Color and Cut Shape Pigs
  • Teacher Answer Keys and Examples
  • 3 Pig Day Crowns
  • 2 Addition with 10 Worksheets with Answer Keys
  • 2 Subtraction with 10 Worksheets with Answer Keys
  • 2 Addition with 15 Worksheets with Answer Keys
  • 2 Subtraction with 15 Worksheets with Answer Keys
  • 1 Addition and Subtraction within 15 Worksheet with Answer Key


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