National Pig Day: 7 Pigarrific and Fun Activities for Kids

National Pig Day: 7 Pigarrific and Fun Activities for Kids

National Pig Day: 7 Pigarrific and Fun Activities for Kids

As the calendar flips to March, we dive headfirst into the whimsical world of pigs. As you prepare to celebrate National Pig Day with your adorable kindergartners and first-graders, get ready to go on a pig-tastic journey. It's not just any day on March 1st; it's the day when the classroom is filled with all things pig—snorts, oinks, and curly tails.

National Pig Day is a ticket to a day filled with educational and fun adventures for our K-to-1st-grade students. From crafting adorable piggy masterpieces to dance-a-thon, I’ve rounded up activities that are informative and downright oink-tastic.

Get ready for a piggy-themed day that will have our little ones as happy as pigs in mud—a day full of learning, laughing, and adventures! 🐷


Let's add some interesting pig facts to the celebrations as we recognize National Pig Day in our classrooms with our young students to make them even more enjoyable.

As we celebrate National Pig Day, these fun facts offer a glimpse into the charming world of pigs. Share these tidbits with your kindergarten and first-grade students, and watch as their fascination with these adorable creatures grows. 

1. Pig Personalities

Pigs are incredibly intelligent and social creatures. They're known to form strong bonds with one another and can even recognize their names when called. 

2. Communication Through Oinks

Pigs communicate with each other through a variety of vocalizations, and yes, the famous oink is one of them! Every oink has the ability to communicate a variety of feelings and ideas. It's like having a secret piggy language!

3. Clever Navigators

Pigs are really good at finding their way around. They frequently dig in the ground with their snouts to find food and to make cozy sleeping spots in the wild.

4. Piggy Nappers

Pigs are quite good at napping. They can sleep for up to 16 hours every day! This might make them the snooze champions of the animal kingdom. 

5. Crazy About Mud

Since pigs lack human sweat glands, they roll in the mud to stay cool. Their skin is shielded from the sun by the mud, which functions as a natural sunscreen. It's like our piggie friends have built-in sunblock!

6. Amazing Sniffers

Pigs have incredibly keen senses of smell. In certain countries, they are frequently used to locate truffles, a kind of pricey and rare fungus. 


1. Piggy Dress-Up 

As your students go through their closet with the help of their parents, they can make their own piggy costume! Include a curly tail, pink ears, and possibly even some paint for pig faces. Make National Pig Day a fashion show by having your students get ready to flaunt their snout style. Easily transform the classroom into a runway featuring cute piggy looks, allowing every kid to showcase their individual piggy personalities. It's not just about knowing these creatures—it's about turning into one for the day!

2. Oink-tastic Art Time

Make artworks with your paper, crayons, and markers. Create a piggy family, an imaginary pig, or even a piggy world! Go crazy with your creative thinking, and have your students take time to show off their piggy artwork proudly. 

Not only is National Pig Day being observed, but our classroom is being transformed into a piggy dream canvas! 🎨

3. Piggy Puzzle Party

Incorporate extra fun into your pig celebration by engaging young minds with pig-themed puzzles. Select ones with an age-appropriate level to encourage teamwork as kids work hand in hand to solve the puzzles. It's a fantastic way to enhance problem-solving skills while having a blast. As your tiny learners team up to overcome these adorable piggy obstacles, let the happy oinks and laughter fill the air.

4. Oink-worthy Storytelling

Storytime is the perfect time to explore the world of pig tales. Choose children's books that highlight our pink friends and allow them to experience the joy of storytelling. The classroom will be transformed into a literary farm, which will make the day even more enjoyable. 

So get comfortable with your students and enjoy the lovely world of pig tales for a truly memorable National Pig Day celebration!

5. Piggy Dance-a-thon

Not only that, but play some lively music and teach kids some piggy-themed dance moves. Everyone will be laughing uncontrollably as you wag your tails and wiggle your snouts during this dance-a-thon. 

It's a fun and exciting way to celebrate our favorite farm animals and make memories that will keep people talking about this pig party for weeks to come! 

6. Piggy Facts Expedition

Discover amazing pig facts to turn learning into an adventure. Talk about where pigs live, what they eat, and their distinct characteristics. By sparking interest and spreading fun facts, National Pig Day can become an instructive adventure. 

Work together with your students to solve the mysteries of the pig world and turn the classroom into a place of delight and discovery.

7. Piggy Games Galore

Think about putting together games that have a pig theme, such as "Pin the Tail on the Pig" or a piggy scavenger hunt to boost the excitement. The more piggy fun, the better, whether you decide to make it a friendly competition or promote collaborative play with friends and family! 

As the kids engage in these enjoyable activities, let their smiles and giggles take center stage.


Pig-themed activities have a surprising ability to attract young minds and make learning engaging and memorable. In this section, I’m going to share a couple of interesting pig-themed materials that aim to capture students' interests, encourage their creativity, and create a fun and amusing learning environment. 

Prepare to send your students on an exciting learning journey where every snort or wiggle lead to a fun learning experience with worksheets and interactive activities. Feel free to explore the world of pigs and see how these tools may transform your classroom into an ideal place for cuddly smiles and happy faces!

Here are some resources that I totally recommend:

These pig- theme reading, math, and science activities are simple and user-friendly. They include teaching and practice lessons, along with crafts and worksheets, ideal for celebrating National Pig Day on March 1st! 

This comprehensive pig bundle covers reading comprehension, writing, 2D shapes, addition and subtraction, crafts, vocabulary, graphic organizers, and more to infuse fun and excitement into National Pig Day festivities. The activities are designed for quick and easy setup, and clear student directions make them perfect for centers or substitute days as well!

This collection comprises nine NO PREP worksheets for both addition and subtraction, providing fantastic opportunities for extra practice, especially in celebration of National Pig Day. Whether used in math centers or as quick substitute activities, these pig-themed math exercises will surely capture your students' interest.
Lead your students through entertaining exercises where they can have a blast adding, subtracting, and solving math riddles. With these activities, the fun is so infectious that they won't even realize they're honing their math skills and refining their problem-solving abilities. Make learning math a joyous adventure with these engaging pig-themed resources! 

Remember, National Pig Day is all about embracing the joy of piggies and letting your imagination run wild. With these tips, you're sure to have a snortingly good time celebrating our beloved pigs. 🐽

Let the laughter, creativity, and joy linger in your classroom as you celebrate these charming creatures. Here's to more oinks, giggles, and pig-tastic memories in your future piggy celebrations! 🐷✨

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