Positional Words - Above and Below Activities

Using these NO PREP positional (prepositional) word activities, make learning about ABOVE and BELOW fun for preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten students! These 40 digital Boom Cards give students practice finding objects on top (above) and on bottom (below). Use them in whole groups to practice using positional language (prepositions) to describe the position and directional location of above and below.

Positional and directional words, also known as prepositions, describe where an object is located or positioned about other things. For example, left, right, above, below, on, over, between, in front of, before, and after.

You will guide your students using this deck of 40 interactive, self-checking, paperless digital Boom Cards to understand and practice positional words using positional language to describe the location of objects using the words above and below.


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