Fourth of July Family Activities for Kids in 2023

Celebrate our freedom and patriotism by teaching your young students the meaning of American Independence Day with these fun and engaging activities.
Red, white, and fireworks, too! The 4th of July is almost here.

It's one of my all-time favorite holidays! It's probably because I enjoy summer and a good cookout.

It's a time for family and friends to get together for barbecues and watch parades, as well as to remember the bravery and faith of the founding fathers.

Celebrate our freedom and patriotism by teaching your young students the meaning of American Independence Day this summer.


So why do we celebrate the 4th of July? Let's take a look!

The annual star-spangled holiday is also called Independence Day. This holiday is widely observed in the United States, but each family has its own traditions.

When children are involved, families may need to add a few twists to their usual routines to keep the day fun and engaging for everyone.

Alongside the festivities, it's also important to teach our little ones the significance of this very special day.

Not only is it teaching them the importance of making their own decisions, but understanding the need for help and guidance at a young age.

Furthermore, they will understand that independence entails not only the freedom to do whatever they want, but also the agreement to follow certain rules and behaviors. This can carry them all the way to adulthood.


There is a lot of Independence Day fun for kids to have!

1. Decorate 4th of July Themed Food

A tray of creatively put-together red, white, and blue food is something that no Fourth of July celebration is complete without. Kids can assist with this activity depending on their age and attention span.

Not only will they be able to express themselves creatively, but every child enjoys being a part of the party preparations.

2. Getting Involved with 4th of July Sensory Play Activities

Give your kids the space to experiment and have fun with slime or playdough that will build their fine motor skills and expand their creativity.

You can even encourage face painting that will help little ones familiarize and learn the colors of the American flag and be free to choose what to paint on their face.

3. Check out local fireworks

Watching a local fireworks display or traveling across the country to see one of the best fireworks displays with the entire family is one of the magical moments everyone enjoys this 4th of July.

You can always buy sparklers and put on your own backyard fireworks display if you're the type to go to bed early.

4. Watch a Patriotic Movie Outdoors

Once the weather permits, your kids can help you set up an outdoor movie theater and cozy seating on your lawn, then sit back and relax with some of the best 4th of July flicks like An American Tail, Patton, or Miracle.

Add some popcorn and cool, refreshing drinks and your family is good to go!

5. Answer These Print & Go 4th of July Worksheets

These printables are great for kindergartners or 1st graders to engage upon this holiday.

I totally recommend these two worksheets to start as a stepping stone in learning about Independence Day. They can sit down and complete this 4th of July printable together as a family!

July Write the Room | 4th of July Differentiated Summer Writing Centers

This July write the room set includes 24 seasonal summer and Fourth of July words and 8 DIFFERENTIATED worksheets for building vocabulary and practicing writing.
This set includes 24 seasonal summer and Fourth of July words, as well as eight differentiated worksheets for practicing writing and building vocabulary.

These low-prep writing activities are simple to set up and adapt to the needs of all of your students.

Students can even use these printable worksheets and illustrated word wall vocabulary cards to practice and learn about summer holiday theme words, how to trace and write upper and lowercase letters.

July and Summer PreK and Kindergarten Morning Warmup Warmup Math Literacy

These DIFFERENTIATED Back to School NO PREP Worksheet Activities are perfect for giving PreK and Kindergarten students practice with scissors, crayons, pencils, and establishing a DAILY ROUTINE from the first day of school!
This morning warm-up worksheet pack for kindergarten and PreK students is perfect for the summer and the beginning of the school year!

These differentiated 4th of July and summer theme worksheets provide daily tracing, coloring, and cutting tasks that students can complete independently, saving you time in the morning!

This is ideal for students who have never used scissors, crayons, or pencils and want to improve their fine motor skills and establish a daily routine.

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So I hope your students will be able to enjoy our 4th of July Worksheets that will keep them engaged and excited this holiday.

Of course, they will remember those who fought for our freedom and democracy, and about the journey that led us to this moment in history.

Passing our history on to the next generation is always an uplifting moment.

So, as you relax and enjoy the holidays, take time to utilize these worksheets along with your timeless Independence Day tradition with your little ones.

May you have an OINKTASTIC 4th of July and hope you enjoy this blog! See you on the next one. 🐷

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