9 Animal-Themed Classroom Decor

Prep for back to school and create a lively atmosphere in your classroom by decorating it with an animal theme! Check out this blog post for nine printable decorations you can use, such as the Pig Growing Bundle, Unicorn Classroom Decor & More, and more. Hurry and avail these limited time discounts now!
As teachers, we have no complete oversight over whether students go home to a pleasant, engaging, or nurturing environment.

However, we do have control over the four walls in which you and your students will spend some of the most developmental years of their young lives- your classroom.

Even if you have little creative ability, you can still decorate your classroom. You don't have to be an artist to beautify your classroom; there are a variety of ways to do it.

Let's look at some classroom decoration ideas that actually work and are easy to implement, especially during back-to-school time.


Keep in mind that the best learning takes place in inviting classrooms. You foster a more structured and organized learning environment while inspiring and encouraging your young students to learn.

With colorful, effective decorations, you can brighten up your classroom and generate interest from the students.

Whether you like it or not, your classroom's decor, style, and level of decoration speak volumes about you as a teacher and your personality. It also serves as a great platform from which to gain the respect of parents and students.

Respect and credibility can be acquired much more quickly if your parents and students can see your enthusiasm, creativity, and classroom management skills. For example, your kids can learn more about a certain historical event or special holiday if you can emphasize important educational topics or themes with classroom decor. 

Overall, you need a meaningful purpose on why you are decorating your classroom. You need to know what you want to achieve and have a specific goal.


If you're unsure of the best theme for your classroom, consider going with an animal theme or another interesting concept. To create a lively and fun atmosphere, use an appealing printable classroom decor for your young learners.

Now, I'll share some of my recommended animal-themed classroom decors that your pre-K to 2nd grade students will surely love. You can use this as inspiration as you start to decorate your classroom.

Great news! These resources are discounted and you can save a lot from this limited time offer: All Things Pig Growing Bundle, Unicorn Classroom Decor & More, Tiger Theme Bundle, Bear Bundle, Moose Bundle, and Bee Bundle.
This TIGERS Theme Bundle includes: Desk Plates, Tiger Theme Classroom Money, Book Markers, End of the Year Awards, Rewards, Homework Punch Cards, and Behavior Punch Cards. Everything for your Tiger Theme Classroom included.Are you looking for Unicorns? This is a GROWING bundle of Unicorn theme activities for preschool, prek, and kindergarten. You get Unicorn editable and printable classroom decor, interactive emergent reader activities, desk plates, dramatic play and reward money, posters, calendar headers, days of the week headers, Unicorn theme dollars, and more with this Unicorn theme bundle!
Turn your love of Pigs into fun, educational, and adorable activities with this All Things Pigs GROWING Bundle! These pig thematic educational activities provide you with reading comprehension lessons, math practice worksheets, classroom decor, end-of-year awards, bookmarks, writing activities, National Pig Day activities, and more!If you are a PreK, Preschool, Kindergarten, or 1st Grade teacher looking for bear theme decor and lessons this All Things Bears Bundle is for you! This Bear Unit includes read aloud units, sub plans, classroom decor, math centers activities, emergent readers, and more! Students and teachers will love this year-long bundle!
If you are looking for Moose Classroom Decor, Activities, and More this MOOSE BUNDLE is for you! This Moose Woodlands animals bundle includes name plates, reading activities, end of year awards, moose bucks (money), friendly letters unit, and a 12 illustrated calendar Set! Everything you need to make back to school "MOOSE"TATIC is included in this Moose bundle.This EDITABLE and PRINTABLE Bumble Bee Yellow, Black, and White Classroom Bee Décor Bundle includes everything you need to create the perfect classroom learning environment! Includes: name plates, behavior and rewards, classroom play money, posters, calendar set, and more for your Bee Theme Rooms!
This editable and Printable DOG THEME Décor set includes everything you need to create your own Dog Theme classroom! This set includes alphabet posters, desk plates, bulletin board banners, desk plates, word wall cards, clock set , and calendar numbers. Create and add to this dog theme set with all the editable templates!Transforms your classroom into the perfect Ladybug Theme Classroom with this EDITABLE and PRINTABLE Décor Set! This ladybug décor set includes alphabet posters, word wall cards, calendar headers, illustrated ladybug calendar numbers, writing paper, desk plates, and more for you to add your own text or simply use the printable red, black, green, and yellow Ladybug themed resources!
This EDITABLE, COLORFUL, and PRINTABLE Swamp, Gator, and Alligators Orange, Green, and Blue Classroom Décor Bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to create your own personalized classroom! Desk Plates, Journal Covers, Calendar Headers, Illustrated Calendar Cards, and MORE! Your classroom will be the envy of your school!
All these bundles include EVERYTHING you need to create your own personalized classroom! This leaves the majority of your classroom now organized and structured for the rest of the school year with minimal fuss and disturbance.


Although engaging, kid-focused classroom themes might not be for everyone, if you've been trying to evaluate them, I encourage you to jump in and give it a shot!

Due to the expense, teachers frequently don't want to give it a try. Here's one tip though...

Utilizing recycled materials is one of the best ways to decorate your classroom on a tight budget. Recycled materials can be found in a variety of areas, including thrift shops, online marketplaces, and even your backyard.

In conclusion, whether you have enough budget or not, make your classroom a place you love as well as one that your students eagerly want to come to school each day!

I hope this article will get you inspired to start decorating your classroom. You'll be astonished by how much of a difference it makes to the appearance of your classroom as a whole and make your classroom the envy of the school.

See you soon in my next blog! May you have an Oinktastic day and make the most of the remaining weeks before school starts once again! 🐷


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