Snowman Adventures: 5 Fun Learning Activities for Young Kids

Snowman Adventures: 5 Fun Learning Activities for Young Kids

❄️ Winter is on the horizon, and as early childhood teachers, you’re presented with a special opportunity to harness the magic of the season to create engaging and educational experiences for our young learners. What better way to dive into the wonders of winter than with everyone's favorite frosty friend, the snowman? 

These winter-themed educational resources will not only infuse your classroom with the festive spirit of the season, but they will also support the development of key skills in your young pupils as they play and create. You'll look at a few resources and activities in this blog created for your young kids and have a snowman theme to help them stay motivated to learn even when the weather gets chilly.

From science experiments to art crafts to literary adventures, these winter-themed products with snowman themes are sure to captivate the attention of your pupils and make learning feel like playing in an ice winter wonderland. 

That’s why go on an adventure to the snowy realm of snowman-themed lessons, where imaginations run wild and the joy of learning never melts. Keep reading to discover the frosty wonders that await in the world of snowman-themed winter resources.


For young children, the arrival of snow opens up a world of wonder and presents an opportunity for exploration, creativity, and learning. The snowman, an iconic figure among the snowy landscapes, has a special place in children's hearts.

Snowmen are more than just adorable decorations for the winter. They have a special charm that can draw in young minds and open doors to a world of learning. 

Building a snowman inspires children to use their creativity and problem-solving abilities to design their perfect snow companion, paving the way to develop their ability to exercise creative expression.

As educators, you can use the allure of snowmen to impart important knowledge and abilities. Snowmen become beloved winter companions and important educational allies for your little learners through creative expression, physical activity, and engagement with the natural world.


Snowmen, with their roly-poly shapes and warm accessories, serve as endearing symbols of the season. And for early childhood educators, they also serve as engaging educational tools. 

As educators, we understand the importance of blending fun and learning seamlessly, and what better way to do that than with the cheerful snowman as our guide? 

If you're ready to embrace the magic of snow and engage your young learners with creative and educational activities, here are some snowman-themed winter resources designed to captivate young minds and transform your classroom into a winter wonderland of education.

1. Snowman-Themed Reading Companion

This is an interactive read-aloud book that goes along with Steven Kroll's The Biggest Snowman Ever. It includes everything you need to assist your kids in reading in whole and small groups. With these snowman writing exercises and crafts, students will improve comprehension, understand character traits, sequence the story, compare and contrast characters, boost their vocabulary, and practice writing.

The Biggest Snowman Ever, a touching read-aloud ideal for all of your snowman units this winter and around the holidays, will be loved by you and your students.

Vasthi M. rated this resource with 5/5 stars, which is “Extremely Satisfied,” and she said,

“I used this resource right at the beginning of December and it was a fun way to get in the mood for all things winter. My class loved the snowmen and I brought in glitter to add to them. Most of my class had NEVER worked with glitter before and even though it's a mess and I'll see it forever probably, it was so worth it. You cannot go through childhood and not have glitter experiences:)”

Same with Lindsey M who rated this with 5/5 stars and she implied, “Really love how the vocab cards have an image along with the definition!”

2. How To Build A Snowman Writing Activity

This cross-curricular winter writing activity called "How to Build a Snowman” includes a snowman craft, graphing exercises, a writing topper, and snowmen writing templates. Your primary grade pupils will like these enjoyable, simple-to-use, hands-on writing lessons and activities!

Using this simple print and go writing resource, students will be able to write about and make a paper snowman while using transition words. 

Jennifer S. was extremely satisfied with this resource as she said, “This was a great resource. It was engaging and helpful as I have many students (physical disability, autism, gifted, low academically). I was able to easily differentiate. Thank you!”

Cynthis R B. also rated this as 5 stars and she mentioned, “Cute activity that my students will enjoy in the new year! Great organizer for them to use for their directions. Thanks so much!”

3. Scientific Winter Explorations

You can explain the various seasons to the students and talk about how snowmen are created in the winter when the temperature is low enough for snow to form. They begin to melt in the spring when temperatures rise.

Also, you can explain the idea of seasons and how they are related to temperature and weather variations. 

You can also explain several weather factors that affect snow. Describe how, for instance, the air is too warm or too dry to cause snow to form.

4. Snowman-Themed Classroom Decors

If you need classroom decor with a snowman theme for winter, check out these Word Wall Cards and Desk Plates! The cards in this Snowmen Set come in two sizes and a variety of colors, and they may be used to create name plates and vocabulary word walls for your classroom.

Classroom decor featuring snowmen or snowflakes immediately brings on the spirit of winter. Your young students will be transported to a whimsical winter wonderland thanks to the decorations. This immersive experience will stimulate their imagination and enthusiasm for learning.

5. Snowman Glyphs and Winter Crafts

Using symbols and shapes, snowman glyphs are a unique and appealing way to collect and present data. Winter crafts provide countless opportunities for creativity and practical education.

As you encourage students to construct their own winter scenes with snowmen and then write stories or descriptions about their creations, you can also use it as an excellent tool for literacy and storytelling. 

These low-prep snowmen glyph/craft activities help students develop their fine motor skills, shape recognition, and listening and following instructions. The prekindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade students can make their own snowman or snow girl using the printable snowman patterns.

Students can appreciate the winter season in a unique way with the use of a snowman. Its cheerful presence can encourage a love of learning and offer young children countless opportunities to explore various subjects. The frosty wonders of winter can be transformed into interesting and educational experiences by teachers and parents alike. 

As teachers, introduce the season with a magical opportunity for learning and fun in the classroom. Of course, your goal is to let your young pupils experience joy and wonder with the building of snowmen. 

Hope you find this article useful! May you have an OINKTASTIC frosty season and see you on the next blog. 🐷

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