6 Festive Writing Resources for Young Kids This Winter

6 Festive Writing Resources for Young Kids This Winter

As the holiday season draws in December, it's the ideal time to ignite a child's creative spark. There is a world of wonder waiting to be discovered by means of writing amongst the dazzling lights, the smell of freshly baked cookies, and the excitement of the exchange of gifts. 🎁🎄

I am here to assist you whether you're a homeschooling parent interested in nurturing your kid's imagination or an early childhood educator trying to bring some fun into the classroom. This blog offers six excellent writing resources for young children to use the power of words to capture the spirit of the occasion.

A journey of self-expression and storytelling unlike anything else awaits young writers as the snowflakes fall and the spirit of the holidays grows. These resources will turn December into a month of literary delight, from writing dedicated letters to Santa to crafting tales of holiday adventures. 

So grab a cup of hot cocoa, make yourself warm, and it's time to explore the magical world of writing materials that will leave your young writers having a truly memorable December.

Fun December Writing Activities This Holiday

Encouraging young children to write during the holidays is a great approach to help them develop their writing abilities and tap into their creativity. Children may enjoy the magic of December and dig into the world of writing and storytelling with the help of the resources and tasks discussed in this article.

Writing is an excellent activity over the holidays because it helps students document their favorite things and holiday memories while also boosting their creativity, literacy, and communication abilities. These are a few of my top recommendations:

1. Holiday Journals

Holiday journals are undeniably one of the most enjoyable and beneficial writing activities for young kids during the festive season. These journals serve as a platform for children to document their holiday experiences, thoughts, and emotions, making them beautiful keepsakes as well. 

As they grow older, they'll be able to look back on their own words and experiences, creating a strong sense of nostalgia and a deeper connection to their past. This activity allows young students to capture memories, improve their writing skills, foster personal growth, and strengthen their bonds with loved ones. 

2. Writing Letters to Santa 🎅

Not only is sending letters to Santa a fun writing exercise, but it's also an enchanting and heartwarming activity that brings together the wonder of the holidays with a sense of creativity. It preserves the season's essence while captivating kids in a world of wonder, fostering self-expression, and improving their writing abilities.

It's a fun custom that kids and their parents will get to love, and since kids can use their imaginations to the fullest, it's an ideal December writing project for the holidays.

3. Create a Holiday Story

Encouraging kids to create their own holiday stories allows them to use their imagination to the maximum, adding to the magic that's already present throughout the holiday season. Let them use their imaginations to craft a unique story with holiday characters, adventures, and lessons.

The possibilities are endless, ranging from friendly snowmen to mischievous elves. Young writers can unleash their creativity with this task, which makes it an engaging and joyful activity.

4. Christmas-themed Writing Prompts

Writing prompts with a Christmas theme bring the season's spirit into writing exercises. They let students show how much they cherish their friends and family, how much they love the season, and how excited they are about gifts. Children find the writing exercise more enjoyable and engaging when they write on holiday-related subjects because they can relate the prompts to their own feelings and experiences.

This practice not only improves their writing skills but also fosters their ability to communicate effectively. They learn to structure their thoughts and put them into words, which is a valuable skill in both writing and daily life.

Everything you require for your writing workshop, writing center, kindergarten journal, letters to Santa, and morning work can be found with these kindergarten and first-grade Christmas Writing Picture Prompts and Writing Activities! With the help of these holiday photo prompts, students will make inferences and compose phrases, paragraphs, and letters to Santa, reindeer, elves, snowmen, and other Christmas figures!

5. Interactive Storytelling Apps

Kids may write and draw their own stories with the help of interactive storytelling applications. Because of their user-friendly interfaces, a lot of interactive storytelling applications are suitable for kids of all ages.

These apps frequently have visual components that let kids add images to their stories. This improves their writing and inspires them to think creatively in general by encouraging them to think visually.

6. Classroom Writing Worksheets 

For young children, writing over the holidays is a joyful experience because of the seamless integration of education and enjoyment that can be found in classroom writing worksheets, which make for an enjoyable writing exercise in December. They get to express their creativity, spread the joy of the holidays, and develop essential writing abilities.

These task cards, available in both digital and printable formats, are a fantastic resource for students to reinforce their understanding of nouns and verbs as the holiday season approaches in December. Featuring beloved characters like Santa, reindeer, elves, snowmen, and charming Christmas figures, these cards infuse a sense of excitement into grammar and parts of speech lessons. 

This Write the Room package offers specialized writing exercises suitable for Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st-grade students, focusing on Winter and Christmas themes. 

Through these resources, students will engage in activities that involve exploring Christmas-related words, practicing the formation of uppercase and lowercase letters, honing sentence-writing skills, and expanding their vocabulary. This is achieved through the use of printable worksheets and visually appealing word wall vocabulary cards.

These writing activities, requiring no prior preparation, infuse enthusiasm into the writing process, inspiring students to craft fictional and nonfictional winter tales. They are perfect for use from December through February, covering various winter writing lessons and topics, and can culminate in a captivating winter-themed bulletin board display.

 Additionally, these templates featuring Arctic animals, boys, and girls offer delightful opportunities for creative, hands-on writing and craft activities.

Designed for the holiday season, these December and Christmas-themed Sight Word Sentence Scramble Worksheets provide students with valuable practice in reading and writing sentences containing four words. This packet focuses on over 100 sight words and high-frequency words, making it an excellent resource for 1st-grade students looking to enhance their fluency.

As an educator, you'll guide your students through the process of unscrambling sentences, mastering high-frequency and sight words, and developing their sentence-writing skills.

This comprehensive Gingerbread Literacy, Math, and Craft package has been created with the aim of helping students enhance their skills in counting up to 20, recognizing numbers, and providing instructions on crafting a gingerbread house or creating a gingerbread man. Furthermore, it's the perfect resource for creating a charming Gingerbread Village Bulletin Board.

As part of their learning journey, they will have the opportunity to reinforce their counting skills up to 20 using one or both of the 42 Counting Gingerbread Cookies Math Task Cards sets. Both you and your students are sure to find immense enjoyment and educational value in these writing and math activities, making this holiday season extra special!

Why Encourage Young Kids to Write?

Our roles as mentors, teachers, or parents are crucial in influencing young students. We can inspire a love of storytelling, give them more confidence, and provide an effective instrument for communication by realizing how important it is to develop their writing abilities from a young age.

Encouraging young kids to write is important for several reasons.  First, writing helps kids express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions effectively. It enhances their ability to communicate with clarity, which is a crucial life skill.

Writing allows children to unleash their creativity. They can create stories, poems, and imaginative worlds, fostering their imagination and original thinking. Developing writing skills goes hand in hand with improving reading skills. When kids write, they also read, building their vocabulary and overall literacy skills.

Seeing their words on paper and sharing their stories with others can boost kids' self-esteem and confidence. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. In addition, writing encourages kids to think critically. They learn to organize their thoughts logically and make persuasive arguments, which is a valuable skill in academics and life.

Lastly, kids are more likely to develop a love for learning and self-improvement when they begin to associate writing with creativity and self-expression.

Keep on encouraging your students to write since it is a valuable investment in their future. It puts students on a route to growth and academic achievement, and as teachers, I'm quite sure that's what you're aiming for.

🐷 I hope you have a PIGARRIFIC time with your loved ones this holiday season, full of stories, words, and treasured moments. I hope you enjoy writing and that the power of words will never stop inspiring and enhancing the lives of our young students!

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